Sadie Chowen

The Burren Perfumery continues to look at and question all the steps in the creative and manufacturing processes in order to remain true to our core values of sustainability and transparency. Sadie Chowen is CEO and perfumer/creative director of The Burren Perfumery. She bought the business in 2001 with a vision to provide high quality Irish beauty products with great contemporary design and has since grown it from 2 to 52 employees. A supporter of natural ingredients and organic skincare before its current popularity and passionate about exploring and sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients, Sadie is the creative force behind The Burren Perfumery and draws inspiration from the Burren flora and landscape to create her perfumes. As well as living and working in the heart of the Burren, Sadie regularly travels to Grasse and Paris to continue her creative journey in the world of perfume, working in collaboration with expert perfumers such as Marianne Nawrocki to fulfil her vision. Instagram: @dasiedasie